Preview PDF for checking before approval

Novembre 2023: You can now select three approval options using our PCB configurator:

1. Automatic approval after MRC check and possible queries.
We check your data for possible errors. If all checks are passed, we release to production.
If there is a problem, we pause your order and inform you by e-mail or telephone.
You then decide how to proceed. You release your order by e-mail or telephone.

2. Customer approval after preview PDF.
We will send you a preview PDF of the production ready data by e-mail. The PDF contains different layers that can be viewed and toggled on/off for display.
If you would like to supply new data, this is possible for a small fee (17 €).
Or, if you are happy to proceed, you can approve the data and release the order to production via a link directly from the e-mail.

3. No approval required.
We proceed and produce your order without any queries, provided this is technically feasible for production.

You can select the appropriate preferred option using our configurator. Automatic approval (option 1) is preselected. Your data is checked, and we will contact you if we have any questions as normal.