The cold season has arrived!
With this kit you bring some light to your workplace!

For the winter season 2021/22 we have put together this kit to provide some variety.

This kit is ideal for getting started with SMD assembly and soldering technology. In addition to all components and the PCB, a stencil for solder paste printing is also included.

For soldering we recommend our Reflow-Kit V3 Basic or the Reflow-Kit V3 PRO.

It is compact and will accompany you through the winter after successful assembly, soldering and installation.

There are 30 LEDs on the board, which run in a circle as a running light, depending on the setting on potentiometer R2, faster or slower. 

We deliver to you:
- suitable stencil (paste template)
- 9V block battery
- all components

The kit is also well suited as a school project or practical project. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need further support here.

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